Vacuum degassing machine

Vacuum degassing machine is a MUST tool for mold-making

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Vacuum degassing machine

Vacuum Pump features

1. Anti-oil design
The air intake channel is specially designed to prevent the pump from returning to the pump and the pumped
2. Environmental design
The tank is treated as a compartment and the oil and gas separation device is installed on the exhaust port, no oil is injected and oil mist pollution is reduced
3. Aluminum alloy housing
Vacuum pump motor with aluminum alloy shell, with high heat efficiency, to ensure long continuous operation, and has a good appearance quality
4. Integral design
With the pump with holistic design, the product is more compact and lightweight
5. Large starting torque
This product is specially designed for the low-temperature environment, to ensure that the normal winter temperature in the case of the normal start
6. Use shock-resistant rubber feet, reduce vibration and noise.

Vacuum Chamber features

1. High strength stainless steel container (Wall thickness 1.1mm) Hydro Tested and Sealed for Leaks
2. 18mm thick clear acrylic lid (Extra thick, does not deflect under vacuum))
3. Heat cured silicone gasket chemically resistant to solvents (Temp rated to 400F)
4. Brass polypropylene ball valves. (Temp rated to 200F)
5. Glycerin filled Industrial Vacuum Gauge (Shock resistant for shipping and accurate to within 0.5inHg)
6. Steel wire reinforced vacuum hose (collapse proof)
7. Brass vacuum pump fitting. (Universally fits all vacuum pump ports, custom-designed with an inside pitch of 37.5 Degrees to fit pumps with 32-45 Degree Flare ports)


Size available: (Diameter*Height)

6L =200MM*200MM

12L =250MM*250MM

17L =280MM*280MM

27L =280MM*450MM


Kit content

1,Vacuum Chamber: stainless steel, with welded handles
2,Lid: Acrylic Lid
3,Vacuum Gasket: silicone, resistant to Butane and other solvents.
4,Vacuum Gauge Assembly: 0.5 inHg accuracy.
5,Valve Assembly: very high-quality air-tight brass valves, with 50um filter on vent port.

6,Vacuum Hose: 1.5-meter food grade collapse-proof silicone hose.
7,Vacuum pump: 1 Set

8,Vacuum oil: 1 Bottle
9,Manual: 1 paper


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